Providenciales St. Patrick’s Day Events

Published March 15, 2018

From palm trees to playful herons, the islands are awash with green, but on March 17th, Providenciales St. Patrick’s Day events bring a whole new wave of green to the islands.

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St. Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl on Providenciales  – Toast the Patron Saint

How long is the world’s longest pub crawl?

Is it (a) 20 miles (b) 2000 miles or (c) 20,000 miles?

(c) 20,000 miles! On Feb 12, 2018 English adventurer Ben Coombs completed a 20,000 mile pub journey across 21 countries, starting at the Norwegian Island of Svalbard and ending at southernmost point Tierra del Fuego, Chile.

While Providenciales St. Patrick’s Day events are a whole lot shorter on this top travel destination in the Caribbean, they offer fun ways to celebrate the Patron Saint.

The St. Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl on Providenciales has been very popular for many years. The 2018 event takes place in the Turtle Cove area and runs 6 pm-8 pm at the Mango Reef Restaurant at Turtle Cove Marina, 7 pm -8 pm at Sharkbite Bar & Grill which features amazing views from its over water patio, and 8 pm – 9 pm at Simone’s Bar & Grill. It’s a fun evening full of shamrocks, social activity and smiles.

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Does Providenciales Have a Local Beer?

Do you know what colour is actually associated with the Order of St. Patrick?

Is it (a) white (b) blue or (c) green?

(b) Blue it is!

The official color of the Order of St. Patrick was sky blue. Early 13 century pictures of St. Patrick depict him in blue clothing. With the rise of Irish nationalism later in the 19th century, the colour green emerged.

turks head beer

Providenciales St. Patrick’s Day events means the brew takes on a new green hue! As well as giveaways, drink specials and live music, green beer makes its annual appearance at island pubs and lounges. Turks Head Brewery on Providenciales, the only beer producer in the islands, annually produces a variety of beers and also creates a special stout just for March 17th.

Visitors can don their party hats at local spots like classic Irish pub Danny Buoy’s. There’ll be plenty of green beer to celebrate the special day, and DJ Colors and DJ Dayoh will be on hand to set the perfect music mood for the event.

Danny Buoy's St. Patrick Day Poster

St. Patrick’s Day Foods on Providenciales

The traditional fare on St. Patrick’s Day features corned beef, cabbage and potatoes. But why not celebrate the luck ‘o the irish with local Caicos favourites? Tuck into some favourites like Char Grilled Grouper at Mango Reef or Conch Ceviche at Simone’s.

Visitors can always find a taste of the Irish Isles at Danny Buoy’s, but on March 17th they can also try some local taste sensations.

Pub Chef Joel (Joey) Rheaume offers the traditional shepherd’s pie, but his innovative menu features local flavours like the Jerk Chicken Wrap or Island Fish Tacos.

One flavourful dish has gained popularity over the years. Known as the Jerked Gherkin, jerk-spiced dill pickle is combined with cheese and bacon and stuffed into a tortilla then deep fried. It’s a zany zesty twist to the simple pickle.

Dine at Danny Buoy’s:

Raise a pint! Providenciales St. Patrick’s Day events bring not only smiles and shamrocks, but plenty of Caribbean sunshine too.

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