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Published March 24, 2018

Traveling to Providenciales? When choosing Turks and Caicos tours, there are a few things in mind to ensure your island sightseeing experience is enjoyable, memorable and safe.

Excursion Company with Local Island Knowledge

Do you know what was discovered at Fort George Cay?

Was it (a) unique coral (b) unusual plants (c) guns or (d) a rare fish species?

The correct answer is (c) guns.

Loyalists built a gun battery off the north end of the island in 1795 located near Pine Cay. Today, much of the fort has slipped into the sea due to erosion, but several cannons still lay in formation in the shallow waters making this a fascinating destination for snorkelers. The cannons are clearly visible from the surface as well, so if you prefer to stay on board your excursion boat, you certainly can. Local excursion operators such as Caicos Dream Tours offer opportunities to explore sites like Fort George Cay.

Fort George Cannons Turks and Caicos Tour

Boating excursions are an immersive way to enjoy Turks and Caicos tours and sightseeing. Board high end catamarans right on Grace Bay Beach for snorkeling, swimming, fishing and exploring tours that take you from one cay to another to discover pristine beaches, local fauna and incredible vistas.

When selecting an excursion company choose one with plenty of local island knowledge. When your tour guides can mix folklore, history, and geography with fun and food, you know you are on the right track. The opportunity to be immersed in local culture, see unique local sights and taste local foods; this is the stuff of a memorable tour.

Travelers should seek companies with experienced company personnel who have a solid boating track record and who have a rich understanding of island history, geography and culture.

Communication and Safety are Keys to an Excellent Boating Excursion

Was English always the language in the Turks and Caicos?

The early residents of the islands were the Taino and Lucayan Indians who spoke Arawak. The name Caicos is derived from the Lucayan phrase Caya hico meaning “string of islands”. With 40 cays, islands and islets that make up the Turks and Caicos archipelago, this string of beautiful landmarks makes for fascinating discovery.

Turks and Caicos Excursion Company

Regardless of the language between parties, it is essential that operator and guest understand each other on these Turks and Caicos tours. When you are out on the water where communication and safety are essential to having a good excursion, you will need to be with an excurions company that clearly outlines scheduling and tour details, assists guests with specific questions and needs, and is flexible when situations arise.

Learn more about Turks and Caicos history: turksandcaicostourism.com/about-turks-and-caicos/turks-and-caicos-history-culture/

Accessibility and Comfort During Your Boating Tour

How would you describe a powercat?

Is it (a) large feline (b) boat (c) earthmover or (d) type of cocktail?

The answer is (b) boat!

A fibreglass powered catamaran, the powercat is a safe, stable and fuel efficient seagoing vessel.

Turks and Caicos tours and boating

Safe and memorable Turks and Caicos tours and boating excursions hinge on reliable quality boats. Travelers can skim the Caicos waters on a variety of vessels from smaller kayaks to larger sailboats and Powercat catamarans. Caicos Dream Tours offer not only a fleet of boats with varying capacities, but which include added bonuses like onboard washroom facilities, covered seating areas, slides, excellent safety features and the ability to board and disembark safely.

Experienced and enthusiastic guides, entertaining programs and excellent communication; these are the trademarks of exceptional Turks and Caicos tours.

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