Favorite Turks and Caicos Foods and Flavors

Published March 6, 2018

Culinary experiences make for memorable vacations, and Turks and Caicos foods and flavors make for memorable meals.

Turks and Caicos Foods

Caribbean Ingredients for Marvelous Meals

What is a scotch bonnet?

Is it (a) chili pepper (b) a protective cover (c) a woman’s hat or (d) a cocktail?

That would be (a) chili pepper!

Named for their shape which resembles a Scottish tam o’ shanter hat, this flavourful type of chili pepper is a favourite ingredient in traditional Caribbean jerk chicken.

Turks and Caicos foods offer plenty for options for seafood lovers: freshly caught grouper, snapper, lobster (when in season) and swordfish to name a few.

Frequently on the menu is island conch (pronounced konk); its firm white meat is seasoned and prepared in a variety of ways from appetizer fritters to grilled entrees.

Marinated in a marvelous mix of seasonings, Jerk Chicken is a highly popular dish to tantalize the tastebuds. Whether in a cocktail, sauce or a dessert dish, fresh and colourful papaya or pineapple and sweet coconut infuse island fare with flavour.

Curious about Turks and Caicos foods: www.visittci.com/restaurants-and-dining/cuisine

Plan a Picnic in Paradise!

Did you know early picnics were hunting feasts?

While a picnic in the 14th century was typically an elaborate movable feast, today it is usually a simple leisurely event.

Many island resorts offer suites with gourmet kitchens so guests can prepare their own picnic fare. The warmth of the Turks and Caicos sun, the gentle lap of the surf, and refreshing repast in hand; it’s a recipe for true relaxation.

And, with many seaside eateries offering fine dining and award winning menus, the islands offer al fresco dining at its best. Some delightful dining venues include some not so typical guests in the mix.

Local boating charter companies offer snorkeling and boating excursions to neighboring cays like Iguana Island where guests can not enjoy a delicious meal in a spectacular natural setting featuring azure waters, soft sandy beaches and wildlife including unique birds, flora and the rare rock iguana in its habitat.

Ready to pack a picnic? Visit the local grocery shops for quick and easy meal ideas. /www.visittci.com/providenciales/shopping/grocery-stores

Turks and Caicos foods and flavors open up new frontiers for cuisine, and travelers can enjoy their culinary experiences in settings that more than satisfy the appetite.

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