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Caicos Dream Tours maintains a fleet of eight beautiful boats to conduct the most impressive tours in Turks & Caicos. Whether you're part of a large group looking to see the local beaches, a smaller group visiting for the excellent snorkeling opportunities, or trying to have a private tour to just enjoy the waters, you're bound to find a boat that meets your needs.

From our cozy 25 ft. "Spaconne" to our spacious 62 ft. "Big Boy," our fleet has a wide range of boats to make your time on the Turks & Caicos waters both exciting and comfortable. All of our boats feature shades and comfortable seating. Some of our larger models even include slides, full bathroom facilities, and a built-in bar!

Our crew members are highly experienced, and our ships are well-suited for whatever excursion you have in mind. Caicos Dream Tours offers a popular snorkeling and conch cruise, a full day or a half day of fishing, a private charter that lets you decide where the adventure will take you, and many more tour options for your time in Turks & Caicos.

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Big Boy is a 62 ft double-deck power catamaran that can accommodate up to 90 passengers, including crew members. This is a perfect boat for group excursions and large reunions. Enjoy lots of shade, a smooth ride and full bathroom!

Island Dream is a spectacular 32ft fully fibreglass double decker fun boat that can accommodate up to 25 guests comfortably. It features a built in bar, loungers on the top deck, a dive board, a waterslide and full bathroom facilities.

Day Dreamer is a 36 ft x 16 ft custom made Powercat. She can accommodate up to 40 guests and is great for weddings parties! Tons of shade, smooth ride and equipped with a full bathroom!

Alexandra III is another 32 ft Powercat. She's large, smooth and features plenty of space and full shade for our snorkel and larger group trips!

Stargazer is a 36 ft custom-made Power Catamaran ready to take you anywhere fast! She is fully shaded and has a bathroom on board. Stargazser is a wonderful vessel for fishing, snorkeling and private charters.

Sundancer is a 32 ft Power Catamaran with a bathroom and can accommodate up to 25 people. She is fully shaded and ideal for fishing and cruising!

Spaccone is a 25 ft Hurricane Series "Deck Boat" licenced for up to 10 people. She's a gorgeous boat with 150HP Yamaha outboard engines and super comfortable cushion seating. Spaccone is fantastic for sight-seeing, snorkeling and bottom fishing.

Provo's newest fun boat and the largest boat in our fleet, Dream Chaser is a 45 ft Corinthian Catamaran licensed for up to 50 people. Powered by two 250HP Yamaha outboard engines, she is fantastic for sight-seeing, snorkeling and larger groups (corporate, weddings, etc.). She even has a full slide!

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