Fitness Vacation in the Turks and Caicos Islands

Published April 12, 2018

With an array of activities to offer in an idyllic setting, the it just makes sense to plan a fitness vacation in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Caicos Dream Tours offers activities that will get you moving and increase your heart rate. Snorkeling, conch diving and fishing to name a few.

snorkeling off providenciales

Snorkeling off Providenciales

Snorkeling dates back thousands of years. What were early snorkeling tubes made from?

Was it (a) animal horns (b) hollow reeds (c) animal skins or (d) all of these?

(d) all of these!

Nowadays, snorkeling enthusiasts can paddle through the water using efficient protective masks and modern snorkel tubes constructed from rubber or plastic with specially designed mouthpieces.

Your fitness vacation in the Turks and Caicos Islands does not require that you pack your own equipment. Most charter boating excursion companies provide masks, tubes, fins and often swimming vests for their guests.  Caicos Dream Tours makes sure you have the right gear and are ready for the underwater terrain.

Health Benefits of Snorkeling

There are several health benefits associated with snorkeling. Benefits include strengthening heart function, improving strength and endurance, providing a great body workout with less impact to joints and, of course, connecting you with nature.

Snorkeling excursion cruises depart Grace Bay Beach daily with visits to several sites offering premier snorkeling. With Caicos Dream Tours you can look forward to visiting locations that not only offer paradisal beauty but also premiums like privacy and authentic island cuisine.

The Fitness Vacation Combo: The Snorkel and Conch Cruise!

snorkeling the coral reefs in turks and caicos

Strength and Conditioning Through Kayaking

Did you know kayak takes its name from an old Greenland Eskimo word “qayaq” which means “small boat of skins”?

While modern kayaks are no longer wooden frame boats covered with animal pelts, they remain an efficient way to travel the waters and provide an excellent source of physical exercise to users. As well as reducing stress and enhancing mental outlook, kayaking enhances cardiovascular health, improves fitness level, and provides a great upper body workout. Caicos Dream Tours can help you get back to your explore the waters of the islands while achieving your dream vacation goals.

Your fitness vacation in the Turks and Caicos Islands should include kayaking off Mangrove Cay, Princess Alexandra Nature Reserve, Chalk Sound and Frenchman’s Creek. And if you wish to double the fun, why not try tandem kayaking!

Muscle Tone and Greater Endurance through Swimming

What swim stroke is believed to be the oldest? Is it (a) breaststroke (b) butterfly or (c) backstroke?

It’s believed to be (a) breaststroke.

There is archeological evidence dating back to Egyptian times depicting swimmers doing this stroke. However, backstroke and butterfly are common strokes used in competitive swimming today. Butterfly requires an intense undulation of the body as a swimmer kicks and throws themselves forward similar to that of a dolphin. A freestyle stroke is typically done as a front crawl on the water.

Swimming is an excellent form of fitness that builds endurance and tones and builds muscle strength. No matter what stroke enthusiasts prefer, calm and warm waters of Providenciales provide plenty of wonderful places to enjoy swimming. Strengthen your core, increase your endurance and have fun at the same time!

Whether it’s Grace Bay Beach, the #1 beach in the world or a more private location like Leeward Beach, visitors can relax, get exercise and cool off from the warm temperatures.

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Snorkeling, kayaking and swimming all have something in common. All these activities bring you closer to nature while promoting muscle tone, endurance and the healing benefits of time spent in the outdoors.

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