Top Turks and Caicos Things To Do

Published March 10, 2017

The Must-Experience Bucket List of Activities To Do on Providenciales

There is an endless list of Turks and Caicos things to do, but we’ve brainstormed the must-experience bucket list of activities to do on Providenciales to get you started.

Fresh conch salad at beach bbq

Sometimes the stuff we bring back from our vacation is highly forgettable. But the memories of what we did there are worth so much.The unforgettable adventures and unique moments you make are part of you and can’t be taken away.

Not only does the anticipation of these special times foster happiness, but the lingering memories are priceless.

Experience Local Culture Through Local Cuisine

Creating memories might start with cuisine. How about something new to tickle the taste buds?

  • Eat fresh conch on a private white sand beach
  • Discover Turks and Caicos rum for the first time
  • Partake in an oceanside barbecue lunch of authentic island food, including Caicos lobster
  • Taste the warm flavors of spicy jerk chicken
  • Sip a Caribbean cocktail on sunset cruise off beautiful Grace Bay

Rafting off Providenciales, Turks and Caicos

Get Close To The Turks and Caicos Natural World

Be brave. Be bold. Try an activity you’ve never done before. Add to your collection of life adventures!

  • Swim with a turtle in and around the coral reefs
  • Grab your mask and snorkel to explore the colorful coral gardens at Pine Cay reef
  • Sunbath with an iguana on Iguana Island
  • Get a bird’s eye view of Grace Bay with a parasailing adventure
  • Enter the warm ocean via a boat slide
  • Marvel at the sleathy sting ray as it skims the sandy ocean floor
  • Go raft tubing in the turqouise blue water

Get Closer To Your Loved Ones

Great memories involve relationships with others. Choose to spend time with that special someone or make memories with your family and friends.

snorkeling the coral reefs in turks and caicos

  • Ever explored the coral reefs hand in hand with your sweetie? Snorkel the magical reefs around Providenciales
  • Hold a seashell search on a family beachcombing outing on Shell Island
  • Charter a boat and pull of the most romantic proposal in the clear blue water
  • Take a sunset cruise along Grace Bay with your nearest and dearest
  • Head out on a private fishing charter in search of local grouper or barracuda
  • Walk along Grace Bay beach exploring the local art stands, beachfront restaurants, and mesmerizing sights
  • Squeal with joy as you are towed through the water on a tubing adventure
  • Make incredible memories with your loved ones as you float in the shimmering blue water of the shallow cays and unihabited beaches around Providenciales

Water slide Turks and Caicos boat charter

With so many Turks and Caicos things to do, you may not get to it all. The warm ocean, calming trade winds, bursts of vibrant flowers and endless beachscapes are a backdrop for wonderful memories. Bring your favorite people, select the activities that will bring you closer to each other and have a terrific time.

At Caicos Dream Tours, we are excited about welcoming you aboard our fleet to savor these memory making moments. And if you are planning a beachfront proposal or another extraordinary event, let us help you pull it off.

So carpe diem!

Fill your bucket to overflowing!

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