Provo Offers Great Options for Boating Excursion Guides and Expertise

Published June 22, 2018

Provo offers great options for boating excursion guides who showcase excellence in knowledge, skills, background and personality.

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Selecting your Boating Excursion Guides – Cruising With the Locals

There are numerous fun activities to try in the Turks and Caicos Islands; no doubt about it. Going on an adventure when you’re guided by local people, well, that is very special indeed. Caicos Dream Tours was founded by Canadian expats John and Kim Esper who are not only enthusiastic about providing top notch boating excursions guides but are proud to share with each and every guest this island they call home. John knows has an intimate knowledge of the island waters and the overall landscape in which he lives.

Boating Excursion Guides Who Care about Your Experience

A memorable Providenciales boating excursion involves not only professional and friendly service, but crew who really care about guests and can ensure they have a unique island experience.

This means offering a menu of water activities and sites to explore which satisfy all the senses. It means the ability to listen to guest needs, the experience to navigate the waters and adapt to situations, and the skill to guide and entertain. It’s here that Caicos Dream Tours really shines. Under the guidance of a warm, engaging and experienced captain, excursion crew have intimate knowledge about the islands, its history, its culture and its wildlife.

Reviews for Providenciales Boating Excursion Guides

“It was another fabulous experience with Caicos Dream Tours. Gerard and Fritz made the experience just as wonderful as the last trip!!” TripAdvisor review

“Captain was the absolute jewel. Whether you do the private tour or a group one, REQUEST CAPTAIN KWEE. You will never forget him.” TripAdvisor review

“He could entertain you with jokes and also answer questions for days about wildlife, the waters or the islands.” TripAdvisor review

Professional Boating Excursion Guides Always Put Safety First

Did you know longest distance someone swam underwater with one breath (open water) is an amazing 177 m (580 ft 8.5 in)?

Venezuelan Carlos Coste achieved this record for free diving in 2017 near Kralendijk, Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles.

An excellent boating excursion hinges on crew expertise and professional boating excrusion guides always put safety first! Caicos Dream Tours team offer marine expertise and physical skills that include free diving.

As well as providing instruction on mask and snorkel etiquette, snorkeling technique, and boating safety, they will free dive to significant depths in order to gather conch for the guest lunch.

Crew are friendly, entertaining storytellers who often share interesting facts about the marine underworld always with a deep respect for the sea. This attention to detail and excellence in service transforms an average excursion into a stellar one.

Whether it’s boating expertise, island knowledge, special skills or engaging personality, Providenciales boating excursion guides can transport guests to an outstanding experience of a lifetime. Book your Provo boating excursion today…and get out there!

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