Providenciales Boating Tours for Island Sightseeing

Published June 27, 2018

The words “living the dream” prompt idyllic images and positive feelings, and Providenciales boating tours provide an ideal way to lift these words right off the page when it comes to island sightseeing.

What to Look For in a Great Excursion? The Dream Team.

Did you know the word dream comes from the Old English word drēam meaning “joy” or “music”?

Providenciales boating tours and dream getaways on the water begin with a dream team. A memorable boating excursion is not only a chance to see interesting wildlife and breathe in fresh sea air, but it’s one where the fun and happiness spill over everywhere.

When selecting your Providenciales boating tours here are some tips for living the dream. Look for:

  • people who are knowledgeable and experienced but also personable and approachable;
  • management and staff who listen and communicate well;
  • a commitment to service excellence.

Not only does the team at Caicos Dream Tours have a solid background in Providenciales boating tours and island sightseeing, but they’re fun-loving folk. The captain and crew are all local people who are keen to share island history and culture and deliver an authentic Turks and Caicos experience.

Caicos Dream Tours boat captain

They not only provide snorkeling instruction but will dive for conch to make your midday meal. They know their way around the boats and the islands, but they know how to tell a good story and entertain you with a song.

So good we took the tour twice!!! Can’t say enough about Buff and his crew. Jeremy kept everyone dancing and laughing with his pure love for his job!! Best money spent! The snorkeling was amazing and Iguana Island was amazing! This is a great trip for people of all ages!!! We would definitely do this again!!! TripAdvisor Review

A great trip for all ages. We had a great time with the Caicos Dream Tours snorkeling trip – my daughter is 6 and was able to jump in the ocean and snorkel a little as well. The Iguana island was also spectacular. The staff was professional, very helpful and a lot of fun. We would definitely do it again. TripAdvisor Review

A Smooth & Safe Ride. Dream Boats.

What is a Providenciales Power Cat?

Is it (a) competitive runner (b) a protein bar (c) a type of boat or (d) an earthmoving machine?

(c) a type of boat – Caicos Dream Tours boat fleet offers are several efficient twin hull vessels known as Powercats. These fibreglass powered catamarans are not only safe and stable but also fuel efficient.

Guest can enjoy a smooth ride as they cruise the islands and cays. Some of the company vessels even offer a built in bar, loungers on the top deck, dive board and onboard waterslide.

Many of the boats carry names echoing objectives and qualities that go to the very heart and soul of the company: Day Dreamer, Island Dream, Dream Maker and Dream Chaser.

Caicos Dream Tours Providenciales Boating Tours

Memorable Excursions, Mesmerizing Vistas. Dream Destinations.

Romantic, luxurious, or even fantastical: a dream destination can be described in numerous ways. The Turks and Caicos Islands offer spectacular seascapes and marine worlds that set the stage for vacation magic.

A crescent shaped piece of paradise, Half Moon Bay is situated between Little Water Cay and Water Cay about a mile from Providenciales. Here you can swim, explore limestone caves, stroll soft powdery beaches, or share a private picnic for two.

Home to the Caicos Pine, the only native pine tree in the islands, sightseeing tours to Pine Cay take you a delightful island located between North Caicos and Providenciales. It features a beautiful two-mile beach – just as stunning as Grace Bay beach – on its northern coast.

waves on the shoreline of Providenciales turks and caicos

The shallow turquoise sea around Providenciales known as the Caicos Bank offers premier snorkeling and diving opportunities. The water is wonderfully clear and warm with a colour of blue many find challenging to describe.

Offering half day boating trips and full day island sightseeing excursions to these and other sites, as well as custom adventure opportunities, Caicos Dream Tours helps visitors to the Turks & Caicos transform their dreams into reality. Our Turks and Caicos private charter is the perfect choice to explore these locations in privacy and tranquility.

Providenciales boating tours and island sightseeing excursions bring pleasure in paradise and can mean the difference between merely dreaming and actually living the dream!

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