Fun Activities in Providenciales to Delight All Your Senses!

Published June 6, 2017

There is more to enjoying Providenciales than just the warm sun and sparkling blue waters. We think you will be pleasantly surprised by all the ways to take in the beauty and wonder of the islands using all your senses! 

West Indian Whistling Duck

The duck goes “quack,” right? Well, you’d be mistaken if you said that about the West Indian Whistling Duck. This feathered friend is not like the other ducks. Its unique tracheal design allows it to make a whistling call rather than the commonly heard quack. The largest and rarest member of this species of bird, it features a long neck and legs, a white throat, red chest and underbelly that is white with dark spots.

The West Indian Whistling Duck inhabits both freshwater and saltwater areas like swamps, lagoons, and mangroves. So, if you’re visiting Northwest Point Pond Nature Reserve, be on the lookout as you will likely catch a glimpse of one, and most importantly listen carefully for its beautiful, whistling call. 

Bottlenose Dolphins

Boating or snorkeling the reefs in the Turks and Caicos Islands fun and popular Providenciales experience! While you are out exploring the vivid underwater landscape, you might hear some whistles, creaks, and clicks coming from below. Local bottle-nosed dolphin JoJo loves to chat, interact and play with visitors and is frequently seen swimming in the cays off the east end of Providenciales as well as off Grace Bay Beach. He is often seen swimming through the clear blue waters or leaping behind the wake of a boat. Awarded the title of National Treasure in the Turks and Caicos in 1989, JoJo is a celebrity known far and wide and has become a symbol for marine conservation in the Turks and Caicos.

The Conch Shell

The primal sound made from the blowing of the Conch shell is an activity dating back centuries and is still done today in the Turks and Caicos to initiate festival events and to educate visitors about this fascinating mollusk. Delicious to eat and versatile enough to create lovely souvenirs, the Turks and Caicos conch is part of the livelihood and history of the islands. If you are near Blue Hills at the right time of year, check out the annual Conch Festival full of delicious conch cuisine. 

Turks and Caicos Conch

Rake ‘N Scrape

Rake ‘N Scrape music originated in the Turks and Caicos islands and is still an integral part of the culture today. The annual Rake ‘N Scrape Festival is held every June and features uniquely rhythmic music using recycled objects such as a tin washtub, fishing line, goatskin drums, wood blocks, and even metal saws. While the scraping of metal saws could be a grating sound on its own, it becomes beautifully blended with gentle strumming, drum beating, and the resonating voices that make up this genre of island music. 

Experience Providenciales with Caicos Dream Tours

Interested in boating excursions that take you around Providenciales’ amazing cays, islets, and reefs? With Caicos Dream Tours, you have an opportunity to hear these local sounds while experiencing island culture, cuisine, and wildlife. It’s a must-have on your to-do list for memorable Providenciales activities.

caicos dream tour boats

Whether it’s the half day Snorkel and Conch Cruise on Providenciales or the full day Dream Day Getaway, you’ll enjoy the sound of the surf, the songs, and whistles of the wildlife. You may even get a visit from JoJo as you cruise the Caicos waters.

Welcome to the paradise of Providenciales where the soundtrack of your vacation will whet your “whistle” for adventure!

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