Looking for Sand Dollars Along Grace Bay Beach

Published May 28, 2017

The Turks and Caicos Islands boasts miles of soft sandy beaches. Looking for sand dollars along Grace Bay beach can become a regular hobby. Whether you take a Grace Bay beach snorkeling excursion, or just decide to stroll the beach

Among the numerous Turks and Caicos things to do is beachcombing, and there are some remarkable sites where treasures abound like sand dollars.


What is a Sand Dollar?

Sand dollars are a type of sea urchin, and the petal like pattern on them is very striking making them very attractive to passersby. While these masterpieces by Mother Nature are enticing, there are Turks and Caicos national laws in place to protect these creatures. It is illegal to take any shells or corals from any national park in the islands where plant and marine life are protected.

Is my Sand Dollar safe to keep as a souvenir?

Check the color of the sand dollar first. If it’s brownish or grayish in hue with soft spines on the outside, it means it’s alive and therefore a protected creature meaning you cannot remove it. If it’s white in color, then it’s no longer alive. The exoskeleton has been bleached by the sun and faded in color. These are the kind of sand dollars safe for tucking into pails or bags as keepsakes of your holiday on Grace Bay.

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Where do I look for Sand Dollars?

It’s best to look for sand dollars along the coastline when the tide is low. A favorite place is Pine Cay where the sand dollar name echoes around the little island. There’s Sand Dollar Cottage, a unique accommodation at The Meridian Club and Sand Dollar Cinema, an outdoor movie theatre. And of course, there’s Sand Dollar Point, the ideal place for a leisurely long walk and the possibility of finding treasures to take home. Swim out to the sand bar for sand dollar hunting as well.

I’d like to start collecting Sand Dollars?

Do you collect sand dollars? Then Caicos Dream Tours is eager to show you some great sites to look for sand dollars along Grace Bay beach as well as nearby islets and cays. We offer half day snorkeling charters along the Caicos Bank and full day cruising excursions for the whole family to sites where mesmerizing marine life abounds such as Half Moon Bay and Pine Cay. Enjoy a barbecued lunch of authentic Caicos cuisine and then spend some lazy hours shelling for sand dollars.

You never know what might be buried in the soft Caicos Sand. Whether strolling the beach on your own or as part of a chartered adventure to the Caicos cays, you’ll have an opportunity to add some “dollars” to your cache of vacation memories.

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