Romantic Getaway to Turks and Caicos

Published January 28, 2018

Not only can it bring opportunities to reenergize, but a romantic getaway to Turks and Caicos means unique settings and activities where couples can relax and, most importantly, reconnect with each other.

Romantic Moments On and In the Water!

sunset off Pine CayWhat is the green flash?

  1. a cartoon hero;
  2. a photography technique;
  3. a standout fashion item; or
  4. a unique atmospheric event?


A gold star for the reader who chose 4. a unique atmospheric event.

Typically happening at sunset, a green spot can be visible just above the rim of the sun’s orb. Light refraction at this time is at its greatest, and the violet and blue wavelengths have scattered leaving a “flash” of green. Two factors can increase the chance of seeing this unique event: a flat horizon lower than the observer’s viewpoint and a clean and clear sky.

Whether it’s the green flash or the spectacular sunsets the time is always right for a romantic getaway to Turks and Caicos. As the sky bursts into orange and red hues, couples can snuggle up while refreshments are served and island rhythms are played.

A Glow Worm Cruise showcases a unique marine display from the comfort of a catamaran. About an hour after sunset and always between three and six days after a full moon, the water is lit up with a greenish colour emanating from small marine glow worms performing a mating ritual. It’s as if the stars in the sky are showing their brilliance in the evening water.

Romantic Beaches in the Turks and Caicos Islands

Did you know the size of sand grains in the Turks and Caicos varies?fine sand on turks and caicos beach

Beaches close to the barrier reef tend to have more shell fragments in them; hence the sand is much coarser. Along the south coast beaches such as Half Moon Bay and Pine Cay have sand that is much more weathered and so significantly finer.

With consistently warm temperatures and a bounty of beautiful beaches, a romantic getaway to Turks and Caicos is ideal for couples to truly escape the pressures of schedules. Cays and coves offer perfect privacy for walking hand in hand along stretches of soft sand or sharing a picnic meal.

Bond Over the Coral Beds

Protection from the large barrier reef off Providenciales and the fact that much of the island is a nature reserve or park means the water here is pristine and perfect for aquatic activities.romantic getaway to turks and caicos

Snorkeling is a perfect addition to your romantic getaway to Turks and Caicos. The reef is teeming with vibrant coloured coral, fascinating fish and other aquatic life. Special snorkeling charters whisk you from Grace Bay Beach and take you to remote beaches and incredible snorkeling locations. Providenciales boat charter operators are friendly, experienced and keen to provide quality guided trips along the Caicos Bank and to private cays.

Sweethearts can soak up the rays, sail under the stars, stroll along the sand or just sit and stare into each other’s eyes. A romantic getaway to Turks and Caicos means a heavenly holiday in a special home-away-from-home.

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