Providenciales Boat Charter to Little Water Cay

Published July 11, 2017

If you experience a Providenciales boat charter to Little Water Cay, you’ll have an opportunity to see a diversity of wonderful wildlife including the rock iguana, an indigenous creature that both loves and needs to bask in the Caicos sun.

Little Water Cay, a small island located only 499 yards from Providenciales, is the best site to get up close to the Turks and Caicos iguana. The cay is only a short kayak or boat ride from Leeward of iguana island

Here, because of conservation efforts, there are numerous rock iguana.

Years ago, the population of these curious creatures was thriving, but when cats and dogs were introduced to the islands, the iguana numbers significantly declined.

Why Take A Boat Charter to Little Water Cay?

Today, Little Water Cay is a protected nature reserve managed by the Turks and Caicos National Trust. There are two sets of loop boardwalks, one on the north side and one on the south side of the island.

You’re asked to walk along these pathways to avoid disturbing the iguana’s habitat. If you’re visiting at mid-day, you may find fewer Turks and Caicos iguanas sprawled on the ground. Like us, they will retreat to the shade from the hot mid-day sun to avoid overheating.

Little Water Cay Iguana Island

Admission to the island and boardwalks is available through many of the Providenciales boat charter companies, at the National Trust office at Town Centre Mall on Providenciales, or at the Visitor Centre located right on Little Water Cay.

For tickets and inquiries call the National Trust Downtown Office at 649.941.5710.

Half Day Boat Excursion to Little Water Cay

A real gem among family friendly boat trips on Providenciales is Caicos Dream Tours which offers an entertaining and enjoyable way to get to this incomparable island of iguanas.

Caicos Dream Tours half day boat excursion to Little Water Cay also includes snorkeling, swimming, and picnic stops. The charter company also offers full day excursions as well as private boating charters which allow you to enjoy a customized sightseeing day.

With comfortable power boats, friendly and knowledgeable crew and an opportunity to taste local island cuisine, Caicos Dream Tours ensures you and your loved ones enjoy a memorable day in the islands.

Providenciales is an idyllic island bursting with wonderful wildlife. And, while you’re experiencing the magic of sun, sea and surf, you’ll get the chance to meet some residents of Little Water Cay who like to sunbathe just like you!

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