Encounters with Turks and Caicos Marine Wildlife

Published August 30, 2016

Turks and Caicos Vacationing on the Banks with Wildlife

When we are on the water with guests cruising between Providenciales and Pine Cay, we always look forward to reasons to stop and enjoy the abundant Turks and Caicos marine wildlife. There is never a boring encounter and we just don’t tire of the excitement of seeing our guests faces light up at the sight of a starfish in the clear shallows of the Caicos Bank, or a bottle nose dolphin swimming up to the boat for a closer inspection.

dolphin pod with Caicos Dream Tours

Where possible Caicos Dream Tours will do its best to maximize the viewing time for our guests on board. Wildlife is not always present where when we would like to see it but we know the terrain and strive to create as much exposure to nature as possible.

The fascinating marine wildlife we regularly see include starfish which dot the white sand floor of the turquoise sea, rays which move almost unnoticeably through the clear water, and the friendly dolphins who give guests quite a show as they follow the wake of the boats or swim alongside.

During stops at Half Moon Bay and Ft. George Cay guests can wade out into the warm ocean to glimpse schools of fish swaying in the water, or even better, don a snorkel, mask and fins and jump right in for a close up of the varied marine life close to shore. Certain months are ideal for looking for sand dollars. The white disks which are the skeletons of sand dollars are found in fairly shallow water hidden by a dusting of sand. In the Caicos Bank marine wildlife such as bonefish, lobster and conch thrive. These shallow waters, known as flats, are the ideal hunting grounds for the bonefish renowned for its stealth and sharp vision.

Once we head out to the reefs at Pine Cay and Leeward, our guests are prepped on the direction of the current and given information of the area within which they will see the most coral and varieties of sea life. Here you may see rays, turtles, eels, angelfish, barracudas, grunts, and even octopus and the occasional reef shark. The magnificent coral beds offer bright domes and fanned ferns as homes for the sea life, and a number of coral caves can be swum through for a truly memorable snorkeling experience.

Have a GoPro? Bring it along and ask one of our crew to take some underwater video of your reef exploration.  It’s always a great idea to capture memories from your Turks and Caicos vacation. Remembering wild life excursions through video and photo are very important and we strive to facilitate these types of experiences for our guests.

Your crew is committed to preserving the beauty of our waters, the reefs and the species which make their home here, and will share lots of information about varied sea life during the tour.  If you are interested in wildlife and seeing some of the most beautiful beaches our globe has to offer please contact us or book with us online.

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