Turks and Caicos Watersports: Up Close with the Camera

Published October 15, 2016

Make sure your mask fits snugly around the widest part of your head.

Try breathing through your snorkel before you go into the water.

Snorkeling is an opportunity to experience the fascinating marine world.

While there are oodles of Turks and Caicos watersports to enjoy, by far one of the most popular is snorkeling. The clarity of water makes for excellent visibility. Visitors repeatedly comment that it’s like swimming in your own personal aquarium. Many visitors like to capture it all through the lens of an underwater camera. If that’s you, a few tips might be helpful.

sunset off Pine Cay

Taking Underwater Pictures

  • Find a good background
  • Look for colours, patterns, and subjects which are interesting
  • Include an object that gives an idea of the scale
  • Get as close to your subject as it’s safe to do
  • Take lots of photos

The barrier reef around the islands is an excellent place to snap shots of sea turtles, rays, barracuda, many coral species and various tropical fish. Shallow warm waters off long stretches of beach mean easy access for novice snorkelers. Bight Reef, Smith’s Reef and Half Moon Bay are all wonderful examples.

Underwater Cameras for Turks & Caicos Photography

Amateur photographers will most likely find it easiest to travel with a small and lightweight camera. A review of compact cameras by Backscatter.com suggests that the following point and shoot cameras offer the best bang for the buck.

  • Olympus TG-4 which is a waterproof camera without additional housing
  • Canon G7 X
  • Sony RX100 IV, and the
  • Panasonic LX100

Using a GoPro, or even purchase underwater housing for your smart phone can help you capture the fascinating sea life during your Turks and Caicos watersports excursion.

Getting Close to the Marine Life

Caicos Dream Tours offers exciting excursion packages like the Snorkel and Conch Cruise, a half day trip to Half Moon Bay and Fort George Cay. Or choose the Dream Day Getaway, a full day of fun to even more snorkeling sweet spots like Pine Cay Reef, Little Water Cay and Sand Dollar Island.

Snorkeling is the ideal entry into the wonderful world of Turks and Caicos watersports. Grab your mask and snorkel and don’t forget your waterproof camera!

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