Our Favorite Turks & Caicos Beachside Resorts


At Caicos Dream Tours, we put time and care into making sure you have the perfect vacation. Our Turks & Caicos excursions are known for their comfort, picturesque vistas, and knowledgeable crews. We want to make sure that your perfect day ends at the perfect Turks & Caicos beachside resort!

There are no shortage of hotels in Turks & Caicos, but we’ve discovered that a few go above and beyond for their guests. Their convenient beachside locations don’t disappoint, and these resorts are included on our pickup schedule!

While you’re here, don’t forget to see as much of these beautiful waters as possible! Caicos Dream Tours offers a popular snorkeling cruise, a full day or a half day of fishing, a private charter that lets you decide where the adventure will take you, and many more tour options for your time in Turks & Caicos!