What will you say about your Turks and Caicos vacation?

Published March 26, 2017

A Chronical of Things To Do in the Turks and Caicos Islands

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When you visit the Turks and Caicos Islands, whether it’s eating island seafood or snorkeling the clear waters, authentic island experiences generate memories to last a lifetime. Let’s peek through the diary of a recent visitor. Shhh….

Day 1: Arriving at Ocean Club West, Providenciales

Dear Diary,

We arrived yesterday and have discovered Eden! Who knew the water could be so many colours of blue? And the sand is so white and feels like baby powder – am I just imagining everything?!

Once you’ve settled in at the Ocean Club West, you’ll be amazed by the array of Turks and Caicos things to see and do all around you.

A vibrant welcoming resort, Ocean Club West is located on Grace Bay Beach, winner of the 2016 Trip Advisor Travelers Choice Award for Best Beach in the World. Here you can relax and refresh in lovely spacious, well appointed suites and take advantage of a central location that puts you close to activities that will give you an authentic island experience.

Day 2: Snorkeling on Providenciales

Dear Diary,

Today I swam with tropical fish! It was so incredible; I could have stayed under the water for hours.

The Caicos marine world is just steps from your front door. Here the water is wonderful and the creatures captivating. You have access to some of the best snorkeling in the islands such as Coral Gardens or Bight Reef which teem with a variety of colourful fish and larger creatures like turtles and stingrays. Dive Provo can provide you with top notch instruction and all the equipment you need for your snorkeling or diving adventures.

Day 3: Dining on Providenciales

Dear Diary,

Well it wasn’t fish and chips, but wow, the flavor! I tried my first conch (pronounced “conk”) tonight. They were called conch fritters – well seasoned, amazing!

While Ocean Club West features Solana which offers tantalizing teppan cuisine, you can also visit Cabana Bar & Grill at the sister resort, Ocean Club, and try some authentic conch cuisine. This sea snail delicacy is sought the world over by chefs because of its flavour and versatility. Ocean Club works with local fishermen to guarantee guests the freshest products. How about Conch Fritters or Conch Fingers with shoestring fries? Maybe some Conch Ceviche with citrus dressing?

Day 4: Dream Day Getaway Boat Charter with Caicos Dream Tours

Dear Diary,

I was nervous at the top of the slide but once I got dunked and saw the vivid colour of the fish, well, that was it!

Ocean Club partners with Caicos Dream Tours to enable guests to enjoy authentic island experiences. Caicos Dream Tours is a charter company offers cruise and snorkeling excursions like the half day Snorkel and Conch boating trip or the Full day Dream Day Getaway that our diary writing visitor seems to have enjoyed.

Friendly guides whisk you away to the aquamarine waters of the Caicos Bank and private beaches like Pine Cay or Halfmoon Bay. The cruise boats are equipped with comfortable seating and a fun onboard slide for easy access into the water. Enjoy a beach barbecue of authentic island cuisine included in the package. Daily trips depart from Grace Bay Beach in front of the Alexandra Hotel.

Island experiences await you; it’s time to start writing your very own Turks and Caicos chronicles!

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