Seeking Authentic Turks and Caicos Experiences?

Published January 12, 2018

Visitors looking for authentic Turks and Caicos experiences can enjoy plenty of local events, guided excursions and historical tours.dolphin pod with Caicos Dream Tours

Landscapes and Seascapes to Intrigue

What is a Blue Hole?

  1. a new colour of donut
  2. an old key lock
  3. a place in space
  4. a large marine cavern?

If you guessed (4) a large marine cavern, you’d be right! Created from the erosion of carbonate rock, a blue hole is a sinkhole. Its dark blue colour can be attributed to the depth of the water.

The “Ocean Hole”, located off the south coast of Middle Caicos, is regarded as possibly the widest blue hole in the world. At 2000 feet in diameter, it’s clearly visible from an airplane flying overhead. It’s rarely visited, though, due to its remoteness, lack of water visibility and the presence of sharks.

Local geological features fascinate climbers, cavers and the curious alike. Great examples are: The Hole at Long Bay, Providenciales and Indian Cave and Conch Bar Cave on Middle Caicos. Excursions are available which provide experienced guides and interesting itineraries often including beach time, swimming and a delicious meal.

Interesting sites to see:

Now Serving: Caicos Cuisine and Culture

An extremely popular event, every Thursday evening at Bight Beach Children’s Park, the Island Fish Fry brings local flavours and island entertainers together to showcase Turks and Caicos culture and heritage. Island bands play and traditional dishes are served up in style like conch (pronounced konk) fritters, peas ‘n rice, jerk chicken, lobster mac ‘n cheese and grilled corn.

Another more private way to enjoy some authentic island fare is to book a Providenciales snorkeling and boating excursion. Be whisked away to a pristine Caicos cay, and the crew will dive for conch then prepare a meal with it just for you!

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Head Into History

Visitors can take a trip back in time when they visit sites like Sapodilla Hill which features rock carvings dating back to the 1700’s, Cheshire Hall Plantation, or Cockburn Town. The Turks and Caicos National Museum on Grand Turk houses artifacts, exhibits, and galleries that tell the story of the islands. A stroll through will open up a fascinating window to the past.

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Whether it’s a culinary adventure or a cruise to a cay, an amazing and authentic Turks and Caicos experience awaits you.

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