Providenciales Snorkeling Tours and Island Adventures

Published July 25, 2017

When it comes to choosing Providenciales snorkeling tours, select an operator with experienced and knowledgeable crew and a range of boats to suit your excursion requirements.

Choose a Tour Operator That’s Right for You!

Providenciales offers a wide range of boating charter excursions. You can sail the waters in a Polynesian catamaran or on a retired trading schooner. You can skim along in a luxury vessel complete with staterooms or simply paddle a solitary kayak. Those at the helm might have extensive boating experience or diving expertise.

But the ideal boating excursion is to have an operator with all of these skills as well the gift of gab and superlative storytelling abilities!

The Best Crew for Providenciales Snorkeling Tours

Every guest has a different need. Little ones have short attention spans. Teens are raring to go exploring! Mom is an anxious novice snorkeler. Dad just wants to relax and have someone else take care of details.

boat charter with dinghy turks and caicos

Select a tour operator that:

  • offers multiple types of excursions from half-day, full-day, and fully customizable tours so you get exactly what you want;
  • has snorkeling equipment for all age groups;
  • provides unique entertainment on the boats so everyone can find something that they enjoy;
  • offers meal options to suit dietary needs and also features local flavors;
  • offers stops that appeal to all tastes i.e. shell collecting, swimming in shallow areas, reef snorkeling and more.

It takes special people to ensure that your Providenciales snorkeling tour is a memorable boating excursion for everyone in a family.

Snorkeling Day Trips and Authentic Island Experiences

Multiple winner of the Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor, Caicos Dream Tours operates a large fleet of boats and offers Providenciales snorkeling day trips that are authentic island experiences. The reason for this is the company’s knowledgeable, experienced, and entertaining crew.

Crew members attend to your comfort and safety, create an island adventure experience that is positive and memorable, and ensure your trip is first class.

Caicos Dream Tours friendly crew

Select a Snorkeling Trip for Your Group

A highlight in the Dream Day Getaway snorkeling tour is a barbecued lunch featuring conch fresh caught by the crew themselves. But no matter if you choose a half day Snorkel & Conch Cruise or the full day Dream Day Getaway, guests repeatedly rave about the joy, enthusiasm, and attention to detail taken by captain and crew.

Welcome aboard a Caicos snorkeling adventure like no other! You’re not just a passenger; you’re part of a boating family, immersed in the culture and experience all that Providenciales has to offer.

Book your Providenciales snorkeling tours easily online.

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