Dreams Become Reality 

The Dream Day Getaway is the ultimate day-trip, allowing you to explore the beauty that the Turks and Caicos Islands have to offer. You get to cruise the gorgeous waters of Half Moon Bay, Caicos Bank, Leeward Reef, Fort George Cay, and more. Although staying on the beach might feel like enough, getting out into the water will provide an unforgettable view of the islands that is sure to please with the white sand beaches meeting the breath-taking turquoise waters.

Charter boats & passengers relaxing on the beach people walking 2 by 2 down a beach at sunset sunset over a remote island in turks & Caicos a rice, chicken, corn, conch, and shellfish bbq charter boat departs from the beach in providenciales passengers relax on beach during boat charter in Turks & Caicos empty beach of the Turks & Caicos islands tour guide presents fresh turks and caicos food: conch meal couple enjoy an island meal and beer passengers prepare to depart island on private charter cruise kids snorkeling at turks and caicos woman enjoying sunshine on Caicos Cruise

Seeing is Believing

When you’re out in the water looking at all the beauty that surrounds you, you’ll feel sure that you just stepped onto a picture-perfect postcard. It will feel like a dream, but the memories will be 100% real. Take in the picturesque sights of Half Moon Bay, a crescent-shaped beach spanning three-quarters of a mile. You might even spot some wildlife near the crystal-clear lagoon on the south side of the bay. The uninhabited island of Fort George Cay, another fun stop on the cruise, sits nestled between Dellis Cay and Parrot Cay. It is a scenic destination that serves as a perfect stop for some island BBQ of seafood, conch salad, and other yummy island staples. A fun stop for the kiddos includes Sand Dollar Island, where you can hunt for your own unique sand dollar souvenir to take home as a special keepsake.

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